Enagas, GRTgaz, and Terega Sign Agreement for BarMar Maritime Hydrogen Project

Spanish transmission system operator Enagas, along with counterparts GRTgaz and Terega, has signed a joint development agreement (JDA) for the BarMar project, a maritime hydrogen pipeline connection between and France. The agreement, inked in on Tuesday, also includes 's OGE as an associated partner.

According to the terms of the JDA, the partners will collaborate on feasibility studies and establish a special project vehicle, with Enagas holding a 50% stake, while GRTgaz and Terega will hold 33.3% and 16.7%, respectively.

Simultaneously, Enagas and Portugal's REN have signed a supplementary letter to an existing memorandum of understanding to jointly studies for the CelZa project, aimed at interconnecting renewable hydrogen between Portugal and Spain.

BarMar is a key component of the broader H2med initiative, which aims to integrate the hydrogen networks of the Iberian Peninsula with those of France, Germany, and Northwest Europe. The project underscores efforts to advance hydrogen infrastructure across Europe, facilitating cross-border energy cooperation and sustainability initiatives.


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