HDF Energy Secures 172 Million Euro Grant from EU for High-Power Hydrogen Fuel Cell Project

HDF Energy has announced the approval of financial support by the European Commission under the IPCEI framework, totaling up to 172 million euros. This will bolster HDF Energy's industrial project focused on developing and industrializing high-power hydrogen fuel cells at its facility near Bordeaux.

The grant, part of the IPCEI “Hy2Move” initiative endorsed by the European Commission on May 28, 2024, is aimed at advancing HDF Energy's investment plan. This plan targets the deployment of multi-megawatt fuel cells tailored for heavy maritime and rail mobility, as well as generation for public power grids.

“We are honored to receive this crucial support from the European Commission and the French State,” said Hanane El Hamraoui, Deputy CEO and VP Industry at HDF Energy. “This announcement is a decisive step in our mission to decarbonize heavy maritime and rail mobility with hydrogen.”

HDF Energy's industrial project will be executed at its newly inaugurated plant in Blanquefort, where teams will focus on developing and industrializing high-efficiency, durable, and cost-effective multi-megawatt fuel cells. The site also features a state-of-the-art high-power test platform, which will benefit industrial partners and European centers.

“This initiative not only supports our investment in cutting-edge fuel cell technology but also enhances regional growth, employment, and the competitiveness of the French and European hydrogen industry,” added El Hamraoui.

The high-power hydrogen fuel cells developed by HDF Energy promise to revolutionize environmentally friendly transport, replacing diesel engines in freight locomotives with hydrogen-powered propulsion systems.


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