Solarvest and Serikandi Launch Brunei’s First Rooftop Solar Project

Holdings Berhad and Serikandi Holdings Sdn Bhd have announced the successful launch of 's inaugural project at Jerudong International School, boasting a capacity of 382.53 kilowatts peak (kWp). This milestone marks a significant advancement in the nation's renewable energy landscape.

The project, estimated to generate nearly 600,000 kWh annually, aims to slash Jerudong International School's footprint by 3,570 tonnes. Beyond its environmental impact, the initiative serves as an educational platform for students to engage with renewable energy technologies firsthand, fostering a culture of sustainability.

Mr. Leon Liew Chee Ing (刘骐英), Executive Director and Chief Strategy Officer of Solarvest Holdings Berhad, highlighted the project's significance, stating, “Solarvest is honoured to contribute to Brunei's renewable energy journey through this groundbreaking project at Jerudong International School. This initiative is a testament to the power of collaboration and strategic thinking in addressing global challenges.”

Mr. Davis Chong Chun Shiong (张俊雄), Executive Director and Group Chief Executive Officer of Solarvest Holding Berhad, emphasized the project's role in Brunei's ambitious renewable energy goals, noting, “The Jerudong International School's successful solar project marks a significant milestone in Brunei's journey toward achieving its 30% renewable energy target by 2035.”

The implementation process has provided valuable insights into project development, construction, and maintenance, setting a precedent for future solar initiatives in Brunei. Mr. Chong further added, “A visible solar project can raise public awareness about renewable energy and its potential benefits, generating public support for further solar development.”


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