Hygenco and Ameropa Collaborate on Green Ammonia Supply from India

Indian project developer Green Energies Pvt Ltd and Swiss agriproducts merchant have announced a partnership to supply green from India to European and Asian markets. The companies have signed a term sheet for potential supply from Hygenco's project at Gopalpur port in Odisha, India.

Hygenco's project, slated to commence its first phase operations by 2027, aims to produce 600 tonnes of green ammonia per day.

The site plans to double its output by early 2028 and reach a total production capacity of 1.1 million tonnes of green ammonia annually by 2030. The company intends to invest USD 2.5 billion (EUR 2.3 billion) in green hydrogen and ammonia projects over the next three years.

India, targeting 5 million tonnes of green hydrogen production by 2030, is positioning itself as a significant exporter of green ammonia, according to the announcement.

Ameropa's involvement in supplying green ammonia is expected to support the production of environmentally friendly fertilizers and promote sustainable agricultural practices globally, while reducing the company's indirect emissions.

The collaboration underscores efforts to advance solutions and reduce carbon footprints across industries.


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