British Columbia Introduces Rebate Program for Rooftop Solar and Battery Systems

British Columbia has launched a new rebate initiative designed to promote the installation of panels and storage systems, offering significant financial incentives to eligible participants. Homeowners can apply for rebates through BC Hydro, with amounts up to $10,000 available to cover both solar power systems and accompanying battery storage.

For larger-scale installations in apartment buildings, schools, community organizations, local governments, small businesses, social housing providers, and Indigenous communities, rebates can soar to as much as $150,000.

Scheduled to commence in late July, the program's primary objective is to facilitate greater self-sufficiency in generation, reduce energy costs, and bolster contributions to the with clean energy sources, as outlined by government officials.

“We need more clean energy to power our homes, businesses and industries, to power a growing economy and to power our future. British Columbians are up for the challenge. That's why we are providing new BC Hydro rebates for rooftop solar panels and battery storage so that more people across the province can generate electricity, save on their energy bills and help build a clean economy,” stated Josie Osborne, Minister of Energy, Mines and Low Innovation.

The rebates come at a time when interest in home energy solutions, such as Tesla's Powerwall, is growing in Canada. Tesla recently updated its Canadian pricing for Powerwall systems, including the latest Powerwall 3 model, with costs estimated at approximately $12,000 for a single system and about $23,000 for a dual Powerwall setup with the necessary Gateway.


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