Pan American Energy Launches 423-MW Wind Complex in Brazil’s Bahia State

Pan American Energy LLC (PAE), the -based oil and gas company, has inaugurated its inaugural wind power project in Brazil with the unveiling of the Novo Horizonte Wind Complex in state.

This venture represents a significant investment of BRL 3 billion (USD 530.7m/EUR 493.3m), as announced by the local state government on Wednesday.

Comprising ten wind parks spread across six municipalities, the complex boasts 94 turbines capable of generating 2 million MWh annually. This output is sufficient to meet the energy needs of approximately 1 million Brazilian households.

Bahia's government highlighted the growing prominence of in the region, noting the operation of 331 renewable energy facilities currently supplying power to 18.4 million local homes.

The significance of local was underscored by the production of 2.4 GWh in the previous month alone.

PAE's entry into Brazil's renewable sector reflects broader industry trends towards expanding renewable energy to meet growing energy demands sustainably.


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