Goldwind Expands to Brazil with New Wind Turbine Factory in Bahia

's leading wind turbine manufacturer, Xinjiang Science & Technology, is set to establish its first-ever wind turbine factory outside of China in the northeastern Brazilian state of . The official announcement was made by the local government, confirming that the factory is scheduled to initiate operations in March 2024. Goldwind's state-of-the-art facility will be situated in the municipality of Camacari, alongside an existing General factory.

Goldwind's venture in Bahia involves the production of wind turbine equipment with capacities ranging from 6.2 MW to 8.3 MW. Currently, wind turbines manufactured in Brazil are limited to a maximum capacity of slightly over 6 MW, as highlighted by the state government.

This strategic move positions Goldwind to capture a substantial share of the Brazilian wind turbine market, with expectations of its local unit holding between 25% to 30% of the market.

Roberto Veiga, Vice President of Goldwind in Brazil, shared insights into the project, which not only encompasses the wind turbine factory but also includes the establishment of a wind component supplier park. This innovative approach involves collaboration with various sector players, further solidifying Goldwind's commitment to advancing wind energy technology and in Brazil.


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