Austria’s Solar Sector Triples Expansion in 2023, Calls for Continued Government Support

's sector experienced significant growth in 2023, expanding threefold to reach 2.6 gigawatts peak (GWp), according to industry association PV Austria.

The organization cited recent government statistics indicating the installation of over 130,000 new (PV) systems throughout the year. This surge brings Austria's total PV installations close to 390,000, boasting a combined capacity of 6.4 GWp.

While celebrating the sector's achievements, PV Austria cautioned that forecasts for the current year are more conservative. The association urged for enhanced government support, including streamlined approval processes and accelerated grid expansion, to sustain the momentum of PV growth into 2024.

Austria has set ambitious targets, aiming for 21 GWp of PV capacity by 2030 to achieve 100% renewable supply, and more than 41 GWp by 2040 to attain climate neutrality.

PV electricity now meets 12% of Austria's total electricity demand, underscoring the sector's growing contribution to the country's energy mix. The call for continued government efforts highlights the importance of supportive policies in realizing Austria's ambitions.


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