Copel Energia Launches Segredo Solar Park, Expands Copel Solar Initiative

Brazilian utility company Companhia Paranaense de Energia, known as , has officially inaugurated the 6.7-MWp Segredo park in Parana state, marking a significant milestone in its portfolio.

Located in Reserva do Iguacu municipality, the Segredo (PV) plant is poised to generate 13.4 GWh annually, sufficient to power the equivalent of 350 of Copel's clients throughout the year. The facility spans an area of 11 hectares (27.2 acres) and is equipped with 9,720 PV panels and 90 trackers.

According to Copel's new business model, dubbed Copel Solar, the company will oversee the installation and operation of these assets. Customers, in turn, will enter contracts to purchase credits from the solar park's output, which they can use to offset their consumption costs.

In a statement, Copel highlighted the strategic significance of the Segredo solar park and its broader commitment to sustainable energy solutions. Earlier this month, Copel also launched another 6.7-MWp solar park in Parana state, further solidifying its footprint in the region's renewable energy sector.


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