Brazil Surpasses 35 GW Milestone in Solar Photovoltaic Capacity, Accounting for 15.9% of National Power Mix

has surpassed 35 GW of installed (PV) capacity as of November. Announced by the local solar association Absolar, this milestone positions solar power at 15.9% of the nation's total power mix.

Breaking down the figures, the market has witnessed the installation of 24.4 GW through distributed generation (DG) systems, where solar panels adorn rooftops, facades, and small plots of land. Notably, solar emerges as the preferred technology for self-consumption, claiming a staggering 99.9% share in all on-site DG arrays in the country.

Large-scale solar power plants contribute the remaining 10.6 GW to Brazil's solar capacity.

The expansion of solar energy across the nation has attracted substantial investments, with BRL 170 billion (USD 34.4bn/EUR 32.3bn) flowing into the sector since 2012. Beyond financial gains, this growth has had a profound impact on the job market, creating over one million local jobs. Additionally, the adoption of solar energy has played a pivotal role in offsetting 42.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions during generation, as highlighted by Absolar.

Brazil's remarkable progress in solar energy deployment underscores its commitment to sustainable practices, contributing to both economic development and environmental stewardship.


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