Trina Solar and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Collaborate on Solar Innovation

Chinese module manufacturer Trina has entered into a collaboration agreement with the Institute of Solar Energy at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (IES-UPM) to drive innovation in the solar industry. The partnership, focused on enhancing efficiency, improving the resilience of solar trackers, and advancing solar energy management, underscores Trina Solar's commitment to (R&D) as pivotal to industry progress.

In 2023, Trina Solar allocated US$768 million to R&D, a 19.7% increase from the previous year, highlighting its strategic investment in technological advancement. “This partnership will enable our R&D team to work closely with European academic talent, maintain our core competence, and provide more localised energy solutions to the European market,” stated Helena Li, executive president of Trina Solar.

In addition to collaborative R&D efforts, Trina Solar plans to establish a training center at IES-UPM equipped with solar modules, trackers, and potentially battery systems (BESS) to bolster solar energy development in the region.

Established in 1979, IES-UPM has been at the forefront of practical solar PV research. The university's future research agenda includes exploring cost-effective methods for silicon purification, developing new solar PV materials and structures for highly efficient tandem cells, optimizing demand management strategies, and assessing battery integration into grids.

As a leading Chinese solar manufacturer, Trina Solar ranked second in Wood Mackenzie's latest module manufacturer rankings, trailing only JA Solar. Trina Solar's substantial growth is evident, with module shipments surpassing 65GW in 2023, up from 43.1GW in 2022, marking a 51.3% year-on-year increase. By the end of the first quarter of 2024, Trina Solar had shipped over 205GW of modules, reinforcing its prominent position in the global solar market.


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