Edison Partners with Blunova for Major Floating Offshore Wind Project in Italy

Poland's ambitious wind venture, the 1200MW project by PKN Orlen and Northland Power, is poised to make significant strides in with the deployment of cutting-edge technology. Scheduled to commence turbine shipments by the end of 2024 from the Port of Ronne, this project marks Poland's inaugural offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea region.

The Baltic Power project aims to harness the energy potential of 76 turbines, capable of powering over 1.5 million households upon completion. Notably, it will also be the first European initiative to deploy ' latest 15MW turbines (V236-15.0MW), previously utilized solely in test configurations.

“We are very happy and proud that we will now also be the installation port for a wind turbine project, and then even the first of its kind in the Baltic Sea and with the brand new 15MW wind turbine from Vestas,” remarked Jeppe la Cour, commercial director of the Port of Ronne.

The wind farm's location approximately 150km east of Bornholm positions it strategically for optimal wind conditions, with turbine installation slated for 2025. This development not only marks a pivotal advancement in Poland's renewable energy portfolio but also underscores the Port of Ronne's burgeoning role as a hub for green energy initiatives in the Baltic Sea region.

The Baltic Power project represents a significant step towards achieving Poland's energy transition goals, contributing substantially to reducing carbon emissions while enhancing energy security and sustainability across the nation.


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