American Offshore Services Launches Specialized CTV for US Offshore Wind Industry

American Services (A-O-S) has unveiled its latest crew transfer (CTV), the M/V Generater, tailored for the burgeoning US offshore wind sector. This launch marks the second vessel in the G-Class series, leveraging the extensive experience of sister company (N-O-S) in navigating challenging European waters.

Designed to address the pressing need for efficient offshore logistics, the M/V Generater is poised to support the construction and maintenance of offshore wind farms along the US East Coast. Michael Burbelo, managing director of A-O-S, emphasized the vessel's crucial role in ensuring rapid and reliable transportation of technicians to wind turbine installations.

“There is an urgent shortage of CTVs servicing offshore wind farms,” Burbelo stated. “We have an important role to play in the construction and maintenance of offshore wind farms.”

Built to comply with the Jones Act, the 99 ft catamaran boasts N-O-S's proven design, optimized for crew comfort and operational efficiency during 24-hour offshore operations. The G-Class series is engineered to withstand harsh North Atlantic conditions, ensuring that technicians arrive at wind farms ready to perform critical maintenance tasks.

“The G-Class vessels are highly specialized and designed specifically for safe and reliable operations, all year round, in harsh North Atlantic conditions,” Burbelo affirmed.

The vessel's hybrid-ready capabilities underscore its adaptability to future industry demands, with plans already underway for the construction of two additional vessels in the series. A-O-S anticipates these advancements will bolster its capacity to meet the evolving needs of the US offshore wind market effectively.


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