RE100 Urges Japan to Triple Renewable Electricity Capacity by 2035

, a global corporate initiative promoting renewable power procurement, has called on the Japanese government to take decisive measures to significantly boost its renewable electricity capacity by 2035.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, RE100 urged to set a target in its upcoming energy plan to triple installed renewable capacity from 121 gigawatts (GW) in 2022 to 363 GW by 2035. This move aligns with Japan's goal of achieving neutrality by 2050, a key aspect of its next basic energy plan currently under development.

“The initiative also recommended policy measures to support the growth of projects, streamline connection processes for new ventures, and mobilize substantial public and private investments totaling between 17.9 trillion yen and 18.1 trillion yen ($112.32 billion – $113.58 billion) from 2025 to 2030,” RE100 stated.

RE100, which boasts a membership exceeding 400 global companies, highlighted the challenges faced by its members operating in Japan, where high costs and limited supply hinder renewable power procurement. Currently, these companies meet only 25% of their electricity needs with renewables in Japan, half the global average.

“At the COP28 climate summit last year, over 100 countries committed to tripling global renewable energy capacity by 2030,” remarked Ollie Wilson, Head of RE100. “Now, it is crucial for Japan to translate these commitments into tangible actions to rapidly expand its installed renewables capacity.”

The call from RE100 underscores the urgency for Japan to accelerate its transition towards renewable energy sources, crucial for meeting its climate targets and ensuring energy security in the coming decades.


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