Innosea Joins EU Consortium Floatfarm to Enhance Floating Wind Farm Technology

marine firm has been enlisted to participate in the EU-funded research and development consortium, Floatfarm, aimed at advancing environmentally friendly farms through innovative technologies.

“Innosea head of R&D Jean-Christophe Gilloteaux highlighted, ‘As floating wind reaches new levels of maturity, Floatfarm represents the next chapter for the technology – bringing together leading companies to explore new ways to enhance energy production and drive cost savings in the design and implementation stages of floating wind.'”

Floatfarm integrates cutting-edge designs with practical testing in marine environments, laboratory experiments, and numerical analysis tools. The consortium's primary goal is to enhance the performance of floating wind by developing and demonstrating critical technologies in rotor design, mooring and anchoring systems, and wind farm control within a comprehensive optimization framework.

The initiative also aims to construct a 1:7 scale model of a 15 MW floating offshore wind turbine as a testing platform for advanced technologies in a representative marine setting. Additionally, it seeks to promote sustainability in floating offshore wind by improving acoustic models, ecological interactions, and socioeconomic impacts.

Innosea, headquartered in Nantes, will focus on developing a dynamic cable optimization tool to streamline design processes and explore innovative configurations. The company will also collaborate with Ecole Centrale de Nantes to design and test a shared mooring system using various mooring systems and materials to reduce peak loads.


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