Lhyfe Completes Green Hydrogen Injection Test at Géométhane’s Manosque Site

has successfully delivered 350kg of to specialist Géométhane, marking a pivotal test phase where the hydrogen was injected into salt caverns at Géométhane's Manosque site in southern France within a single day.

The initiative forms a crucial part of a broader project led by the DLVAgglo urban community and Géométhane, aimed at advancing the decarbonisation efforts of the Marseille-Fos-Sur-Mer industrial site through the utilization of green hydrogen.

Géométhane, which traditionally stores natural gas in salt caverns, is exploring the behavior of hydrogen within these caverns through this experiment. The injected hydrogen will now undergo several weeks of observation within the natural gas system's storage well, followed by extraction and detailed analysis.

According to Lhyfe, storing hydrogen in salt caverns not only supports local energy independence but also facilitates the balancing of various energy sources' production and consumption dynamics.

Matthieu Guesné, Founder and CEO of Lhyfe, emphasized the significance of the trial: “We are proud to contribute to this test, which showcases hydrogen's potential not only in decarbonising mobility and industry but also in —a critical component for enhancing our energy independence.”

“As more sites adopt green hydrogen production, effective storage solutions like salt caverns are gaining prominence across ,” Guesné added. “This trial will provide initial insights into hydrogen storage capabilities.”


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