Nordex Electrolyzers Unveils 500kW Hydrogen Prototype in Navarra, Spain

Electrolyzers, a partnership between the Government of Navarra and Nordex Group, has introduced its pioneering 500kW pressurized alkaline electrolyser prototype, marking a significant step towards scalable production.

The unit, entirely designed, manufactured, and assembled in Navarra, , will undergo validation at Nordex Group's facility near Lumbier, adjacent to Pamplona, according to a statement by Nordex Electrolyzers' Chief Executive Luis Solla.

“This prototype is pivotal in our business development plan,” Solla stated, “with a goal to finalize the design of our MW-scale product by 2026.”

Nordex Electrolyzers has already begun testing a 50kW prototype, operational since 2023, at its Puertollano facility in Ciudad Real. According to Solla, the smaller prototype has shown promising efficiency and flexibility in utilizing renewable energies.

The newly unveiled 500kW electrolyser is capable of producing over 10 kg/h of hydrogen with an energy consumption below 50 kWh/kg. Nordex emphasized that the unit's design enables it to handle power fluctuations and frequent stops effectively, aided by carefully selected materials to enhance product differentiation.


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