DRI Announces Major Renewable Energy Project in Croatia’s Split Dalmatia Region

DRI, the EU renewables arm of the Group, has revealed plans to establish a significant wind farm and substation in Croatia's southern region of Split, Dalmatia. The Brda Umovi wind farm will feature a 127.5MW capacity, with construction slated to commence in summer 2025 and electricity export anticipated by autumn 2026, pending regulatory approvals.

The project aims to generate 338GWh annually, sufficient to power approximately 83,000 households and reduce CO2 emissions by 51,000 tonnes per year. DRI is actively seeking partnerships with traders and off-takers for long-term electricity agreements, alongside potential collaborations under Croatia's Contract for Difference scheme.

Moreover, the initiative includes the construction of a SS 400/110 kV substation, the first of its kind in Croatia in two decades, dedicated exclusively to connecting projects. Scheduled to begin construction concurrently with the wind farm, this substation will initially support 300MW with potential future expansion to 900MW, significantly enhancing grid connectivity in the Split Dalmatia region.

“This project marks the beginning of DRI's ambitions in Croatia, aiming to establish a portfolio of up to 500MW from wind and projects by 2028, alongside investments in substations and storage capacities,” stated a spokesperson from DRI. “These efforts not only contribute to Croatia's renewable energy target of 36.4% by 2030 but also align with DRI's broader mission to accelerate the energy transition in Europe.”

In addition to its Croatian venture, DRI currently operates two projects in —a 53MW solar facility in Glodeni and a 60MW wind farm in Ruginoasa, the latter being Romania's first wind farm in over a decade. The company is also advancing five projects across Italy, Romania, and Poland encompassing solar, wind, and storage technologies.


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