Greece Grants Permits for 240 MW of Wind and Solar Parks

The Regulatory Authority for Waste, Energy, and Water (RAAEY) in has issued permits for the construction of over 240 MW of wind and parks, spanning multiple regions in the country.

In an announcement on Tuesday, RAAEY disclosed that the licenses encompass 132.6 MW of solar photovoltaic (PV) projects and 108 MW of wind turbine generation plants.

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Renewable power producer has received approval to develop two solar parks in the Delphi municipality of Fokidas regional unit, with capacities of 17.6 MW and 20 MW, respectively. Another notable project involves North Solar 1, which has been authorized to construct a 96-MW PV complex in the Larissa unit of northern Greece's Thessaly region.

In the realm of , RAAEY has granted approval for an 81-MW project in Alexandroupoli, located in the Eastern and Thrace region. The project, proposed by Energy Vorsana UAE, is poised to contribute significantly to the region's renewable energy landscape.

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Furthermore, an additional 21 MW of wind turbine capacity is slated for deployment in the Boeotia region of Central Greece, courtesy of special purpose vehicle Enerkoplan Energy and Investments. Axia Monoprosopi IKE has also received authorization to construct a 6-MW wind power plant in the Thesprotia unit of Greece's Epirus region.

These permits align with Greece's ongoing efforts to expand its renewable energy capacity and diversify its energy mix, fostering sustainability and contributing to the country's broader environmental goals.


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