Innova Gains Approval for Heysham Energy Storage Project in Lancashire

, a UK-based and developer, has recently received planning permission for its Heysham energy storage project in Lancashire, England. The nod from Lancaster City Council on November 28 follows the developer's recent permit for the Blackdyke Farm energy storage system. The Heysham facility is anticipated to have a significant capacity of 940 MW and 1,880 MWh, contributing to the region's energy storage capabilities and aligning with broader sustainability objectives.

The planning approval reflects Lancaster City Council's positive and proactive stance on sustainable development. Officials underscored potential economic, social, and environmental benefits for the region. Councillor Sandra Thornberry, chair of Lancaster City Council's Planning Regulatory Committee, emphasized the council's encouragement of projects that enhance the local landscape.

Apart from its energy storage capacity, the Heysham project includes plans for 22 acres of landscaping and planting, emphasizing environmental considerations. Innova has committed to establishing a local community benefit fund, providing GBP 47,000 (USD 59,430/EUR 54,244) annually over the site's anticipated 50-year lifetime. This fund aims to support community initiatives, aligning with Innova's commitment to positive local impact.

As the energy landscape shifts towards renewables, projects like Heysham play a role in enhancing sustainable . Innova's recent regulatory successes and community-focused initiatives underscore the growing importance of such projects in addressing future energy needs.


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