GEV Wind Power Launches Training Facilities in US and UK to Address Global Skills Gap

, specializing in turbine blade repair and maintenance, has inaugurated new training facilities in the US and as part of its initiative to address the global skills gap in the wind energy sector.

In Fort Worth, Texas, GEV established the North American Wind Academy at its headquarters, marking the company as the first independent service provider offering in-house accredited (GWO) blade repair courses and trade testing programmes. This move aims to assess and enhance technician competence, crucial for supporting the rapid growth of the wind industry across .

In the UK, GEV expanded its existing training academy in Hull and introduced a turbine training initiative at the Port of Blyth's Wind Turbine Training Facility. This initiative allows technicians to gain proficiency in rope access procedures and technology applications, addressing key industry demands for skilled personnel.

David Fletcher, CEO of GEV Wind Power, highlighted the significance of these facilities: “The launch of these facilities underscores GEV's commitment to investing in and up-skilling our technician workforce globally. It ensures that technicians are well-prepared with specific, in-field skills required to excel in client projects worldwide.”

With the global wind industry projected to require nearly 600,000 technicians by 2027, GEV's training initiatives play a crucial role in meeting this demand and supporting industry growth. The facilities not only focus on certifying newly-qualified technicians but also aim to enhance technical competence essential for achieving future net-zero targets by 2050.

The training facilities in the US and UK are part of GEV's broader strategy to expand its global footprint, building on its acquisition of RIGCOM in Sydney, which enabled the establishment of a GWO-certified training facility in . These initiatives position GEV Wind Power at the forefront of developing skilled technicians capable of meeting the evolving needs of the renewable energy sector worldwide.


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