Goldwind Americas Announces CEO David Sale’s Departure, Successor to be Revealed in January

David Sale, CEO of Americas, a subsidiary of Goldwind Science & Technology, is set to step down from his position, effective December 31. Sale, who joined the company in 2018, has been instrumental in shaping organizational strategy, driving business development, and overseeing capital and technology innovation across , the U.S., , and Central America.

During his tenure, Sale successfully navigated Goldwind Americas through significant milestones, including the sale of Goldwind turbines and investment assets. He also played a key role in the company's successful entry into the Canadian market. Reflecting on his time with Goldwind Americas, Sale expressed gratitude for the remarkable opportunity and experience, highlighting the substantial growth achieved under his leadership.

Sale remarked, “Serving as CEO of Goldwind Americas has been a truly remarkable opportunity and experience. Together with this group of exceptional individuals, we have achieved tremendous growth, and today Goldwind is positioned to be a major player in the North American market.”

Acknowledging the challenges faced by the industry, Sale commended the resilience, dedication, and resolve exhibited by the Goldwind Americas team in navigating difficult market conditions. While Sale will step down at the end of the year, he has committed to supporting the leadership transition during the interim period.

The search for Goldwind Americas' new CEO is already underway, with the announcement of Sale's successor expected in January. Sale's departure marks the end of a chapter characterized by strategic advancements and growth for Goldwind Americas, setting the stage for continued success in the evolving landscape.


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