Endesa Initiates Construction of Three Solar Farms in Andalusia

Spanish utility has commenced the construction of three farms in 's southern region of Andalusia, marking a significant expansion in its portfolio.

The projects, collectively known as Envatios I, II, and III, are being developed by Endesa's renewables unit, Enel Green Power España (EGPE).

Located in Seville province, these solar installations will increase Endesa's solar capacity in the region to a total of 11 plants. Once operational, the Envatios trio is expected to generate approximately 257 GWh per year, sufficient to power around 65,000 households annually.

Endesa is currently finalizing the 86.18-MW Aljarafe solar project in Seville through EPGE, while also exploring additional opportunities for renewable energy development across Andalusia.

The company already operates 71 renewable power facilities in the region, encompassing solar, wind, biomass, and .


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