Lhyfe and Fives Join Forces to Drive Green Hydrogen Solutions for Industry

French developer has entered into a strategic partnership with domestic industrial engineering group Fives to collaborate on a comprehensive solution for industrial applications, encompassing green production through to combustion processes.

In an announcement on Thursday, Lhyfe disclosed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) outlining their joint initiative. The primary objective of their partnership is to facilitate the decarbonization of industrial combustion processes utilizing green hydrogen.

Under the agreement, Lhyfe will oversee the production and supply of green hydrogen, while Fives will leverage its expertise to integrate the sustainable fuel into various industrial combustion applications. The collaboration will predominantly target industries such as metals, glass, and cement, focusing on specific heating processes and applications in and .

“We are proud to partner with Lhyfe to collectively address the urgent challenges of climate change and enhance the sustainability and efficiency of industrial operations,” commented Frederic Thrum, Deputy General Manager of Fives.

Lhyfe, which launched its inaugural electrolysis plant for green hydrogen production in 2021 and expanded with two additional facilities in 2023, is currently scaling up its presence across Europe with ongoing construction of new facilities.


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