SolarDuck and RWE Collaborate on Offshore Floating Solar Project in Dutch North Sea

, supported by , has successfully installed its offshore project, Merganser, in the Dutch , marking a significant milestone in renewable energy innovation. The 500kW pilot project, located approximately 12km off the coast of Scheveningen, aims to demonstrate the feasibility of structural, mooring, and electrical designs essential for future large-scale commercial deployment.

Merganser comprises six interconnected platforms designed to withstand extreme offshore conditions, positioned in water depths of 20 meters. RWE, leveraging its offshore expertise, continues to provide technical support crucial to the project's success.

Sven Utermohlen, CEO of RWE Offshore Wind, highlighted the potential of offshore floating to complement existing offshore wind farms, stating, “With Merganser, we are gaining unique insights and first-hand experience in one of the most challenging offshore environments in the world.”

SolarDuck's triangular-shaped platforms, designed to float above the water's surface, are engineered to maintain stability while protecting critical components from marine conditions. Koen Burgers, CEO of SolarDuck, expressed pride in the project's achievements and emphasized collaboration with partners like RWE and various research institutions and supply chain partners.

Over the next two years, Merganser will undergo extensive monitoring to assess structural integrity, mooring stability, and ecological impacts, supported by Deltares, a Dutch research institute specializing in applied research.


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