RSK and Nova Innovation Launch AquaGen365 for Floating Solar Projects

RSK and Nova Innovation have teamed up to establish , a joint venture aimed at advancing floating power stations worldwide. This collaboration marks a significant stride in the sector, combining RSK Group's extensive global network with Nova Innovation's expertise in marine energy.

The inaugural project under AquaGen365 has already commenced operations at the Port of Leith in Edinburgh, Scotland, where it powers Forth Ports' headquarters with clean, cost-effective renewable energy.

David Taylor, Director at RSK, highlighted the advantages of technology: “Floating solar provides clean, predictable, low-cost energy using reliable and bankable technology that offers an alternative solution to ground-mounted and rooftop solar.”

He emphasized the versatility and scalability of floating solar systems, noting their suitability for both marine and freshwater environments. Taylor also underscored additional benefits such as rapid deployment capabilities and water conservation advantages, making it an attractive option for various sectors including agriculture, water industries, and industrial complexes.

Simon Forrest, CEO of Nova Innovation, emphasized the transformative potential of floating solar: “Floating solar presents a massive step forward in the quest for clean, renewable energy. Its main advantage is that it can be installed quickly at scale, particularly in areas where land is scarce or expensive.”

Nova Innovation's technology has demonstrated resilience in diverse environmental conditions, including harsh Scottish winters, showcasing its reliability and durability.

The AquaGen365 joint venture leverages over two decades of combined experience in renewable energy development, encompassing tidal stream, onshore wind, ground-mounted solar, and hydro power technologies. This initiative not only promotes sustainable energy solutions but also supports global efforts towards achieving neutrality targets.


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