AlphaReal Acquires 33MW Solar Project in North-East UK, Bolsters Renewable Portfolio

AlphaReal has finalized the of a 33MW ground-mount asset near Darlington in the north-east region of the UK, underscoring its commitment to expanding its presence in the sector. The project, currently in its greenfield construction phase, represents a strategic move to meet growing investor demand for sustainable energy investments.

“AlphaReal's acquisition of the asset helps to meet increasing investor demand in the renewable energy sector, a trend that we expect to continue,” remarked Ed Palmer, CIO and Head of Sustainability at AlphaReal.

With a decade-long history of investment in renewable energy, AlphaReal aims to further deploy capital into promising projects, offering clients opportunities to enhance their exposure to the thriving renewable energy market.

Raza Ali, Investment Director Renewable at AlphaReal, highlighted the strategic rationale behind the acquisition: “This acquisition aligns with AlphaReal's increasing focus to invest in greenfield assets that are either under construction or have planning permission and connection in place.”

Ali emphasized the role of such investments in mitigating development risks for investors while contributing substantively to the UK's Net Zero targets. This approach not only supports the expansion of renewable energy capacity but also enhances the sustainability of energy infrastructure in the region.


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