Copel Launches 6.4-MW Solar Park in Brazil’s Parana Region

Brazilian power utility , officially known as Companhia Paranaense de Energia, has commenced operations at a 6.4-megawatt peak (MWp) park located in Santo Antonio da Platina, within the Norte Pioneiro region of Parana state.

The newly inaugurated (PV) plant is projected to generate approximately 13.5 gigawatt-hours (GWh) annually, enough to supply to 450 of Copel's customers each year. Spanning across 12 hectares (29.6 acres), the solar facility comprises 9,280 PV panels and 80 trackers.

This initiative marks the third asset launched under Copel's Copel Solar program, which aims to deploy and manage installations for clients through generation credit agreements, enabling cost savings on electricity bills.

Last month, Copel also activated two additional solar parks, Sarandi and Segredo, each boasting a capacity of 6.7 MWp, further bolstering the company's commitment to expanding its renewable energy portfolio.


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