Goldwind Installs First Turbine at 24-MW Wind Farm for Australian Gold Mine

Goldwind Science & Technology, a leading Chinese manufacturer, has installed the first GW165/6.0MW turbine at the Jundee wind farm in Western . This wind farm, owned by independent power producer Zenith Energy Pty Ltd., aims to power the Jundee gold mine alongside and gas-fired generation.

According to a LinkedIn post by Goldwind, the Jundee wind farm will consist of four turbines, with the GW165/6.0MW being the first to be installed.

The integration of wind energy into the existing power , which includes photovoltaic (PV) panels and a battery storage system, is expected to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the gold mine located in Western Australia's Northern Goldfields region.

Zenith Energy has been supplying 46.6 MW of power to the Jundee mine since 2016 through natural gas generators. Last summer, Zenith signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Northern Star Resources, the mine's operator, to provide from a combination of wind, solar, and battery storage. The completed solar plant at the site commenced operations at the end of May.

The installation of wind turbines marks a crucial step towards enhancing the sustainability of energy supply at the Jundee gold mine, aligning with broader environmental goals in the region.


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