Norwegian Firm WindSpider Secures $1.6 Million Grant for Innovative Wind Turbine Crane

Norwegian company has announced securing a NOK 17.5 million (USD 1.6 million / EUR 1.5 million) grant from Innovation to further develop its innovative crane technology designed for wind turbines.

The grant will support enhancements to the aluminium lifting solution, control system, and simulator components.

Following the project, WindSpider plans to proceed with the construction of its first full-scale unit, potentially one of the tallest cranes globally. The company's crane system is tailored for both onshore and installation and maintenance, aiming to reduce costs and facilitate the deployment of larger turbines.

Notably, the technology is expected to offer significant advantages for projects by enabling onsite repairs, thus eliminating the need to transport turbines to port for servicing.

WindSpider highlighted that the grant aligns with Norway's strategy to develop export-oriented suppliers in the wind industry, leveraging the nation's expertise from the oil and gas sector. The company emphasized strong support from recognized industry players in Norway and internationally, reinforcing its position in the market.

The project builds on a 2022 letter of intent signed between WindSpider and RWE, underscoring collaborative efforts within the wind energy sector.


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