Arizona’s SRP Initiates RFP for Long-Duration Energy Storage Projects

Arizona utility (SRP) has launched a request for proposals (RFP) aimed at soliciting non--ion, long-duration (LDES) demonstration projects. The initiative aligns with SRP's commitment to advancing sustainable power solutions within its operational framework.

SRP's RFP targets both -brd and non-inverter-brd technologies, seeking projects with capacities ranging from 5 MW to 50 MW capable of providing 10 hours of discharge capacity. Proposals will be accepted until November 22, 2024.

The proposed non-lithium-ion inverter-brd LDES system is slated for operational readiness before 2028 at the Copper Crossing Energy and Center in Florence, Arizona.

Concurrently, SRP plans to deploy a non-lithium-ion, non-inverter-brd LDES technology at its Coronado coal-fired power station in St Johns, Arizona, scheduled for decommissioning in 2032, with the site repurposed for alternative resources.

Chico Hunter, SRP's Manager of Innovation and Development, emphasized the utility's strategic intent: “We're seeking proposals from emerging storage technologies to consider how they could support achieving SRP's sustainable power system of the future.”


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