Eolus Plans Massive Offshore Wind Farm to Power Sweden’s Future

, a pioneering force in wind power development, has set its sights on a groundbreaking project that could redefine Sweden's energy landscape. The company has applied to the Swedish government to construct the Skidbladner floating wind farm, a colossal endeavor set 20 kilometers north of Gotska Sandön.

If approved, Skidbladner will feature 147 turbines with a total capacity of 2200 megawatts, capable of generating an estimated 11.7 terawatt-hours annually. Eolus CEO highlighted the project's significance, stating, “Given the enormous need for new electricity production in Sweden, offshore wind power will need to be expanded gradually over many years to come.”

The proposed wind farm, spanning approximately 1400 square kilometers, represents a major step towards achieving goals. Lars Thomsson, coordinator of Energy Island Gotland, emphasized its alignment with local objectives, noting, “The goal is for Gotland to have a completely renewable energy system by 2040, and initiatives like the Skidbladner offshore wind farm fit very well into that plan.”

One of the distinguishing features of Skidbladner is its use of floating foundations anchored to the seabed, enabling placement in optimal wind conditions further offshore. Anna Lundsgård, head of offshore wind power at Eolus, expressed anticipation, stating, “One advantage of power is that it can be placed further out from the coast where wind conditions are even better and the visual impact is minimal.”

With completion projected by 2033, Skidbladner marks Eolus's ambition to contribute significantly to Sweden's energy supply, potentially powering half of Stockholm County's current electricity consumption or over ten times the needs of Gotland. The project aligns with Eolus's broader strategy, which includes additional offshore wind farms such as Herkules, collectively aiming to supply Sweden with 4.6 gigawatts of capacity and approximately 25 terawatt-hours annually.


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