Delaware Advances Offshore Wind Industry with Landmark Legislation

In a decisive move set to bolster the US wind sector, has passed significant legislation aimed at accelerating goals. The Delaware Energy Solutions Act of 2024, which sets a robust 1200MW state target, has been heralded by industry leaders as a transformative step towards regional cooperation and streamlined development.

According to Sam Salustro, Vice President of Strategic Communications at , “Passage of the Delaware Energy Solutions Act represents a pivotal moment for Delaware and an important milestone for the offshore wind industry up and down the East Coast.”

The bill, now awaiting Governor John Carney's signature, is expected to position Delaware alongside other East Coast states actively procuring offshore wind power generation. This legislative push not only aims to meet new procurement goals but also establishes authority crucial for developing the onshore transmission necessary for offshore wind projects.

Salustro further emphasized the economic benefits anticipated from this legislation, including job creation within Delaware's burgeoning offshore wind supply chain. The state's commitment is seen as pivotal in supporting regional energy development and solidifying its role as a pioneering hub in the offshore wind sector.

“We applaud Senator Hansen and Delaware's stakeholders for advancing this legislation,” added Salustro, underscoring Oceantic Network's support for Governor Carney to sign the bill into law. “The Network looks forward to continuing to support the state in building a strong supply chain.”

Once enacted, the Delaware Energy Solutions Act is poised to not only diversify the state's energy portfolio but also to catalyze sustainable economic growth and environmental stewardship across the region.


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