Florida’s St Johns Ship Building Delivers Second Jones Act-Compliant CTV for Windea Enterprise

, a Florida-based facility owned by Americraft Marine, has successfully delivered Windea Enterprise, the second of three Jones Act-compliant Incat Crowther 30-metre Crew Transport Vessels (CTV) commissioned by Windea CTV for wind operations.

“I'm incredibly proud of all the shipbuilders and support staff who helped bring this to life,” said St Johns Ship Building president Joe Rella.

With this delivery marking the third CTV completed within the last six months and two more currently in production slated for delivery this year, St Johns Ship Building is expanding its footprint in the CTV construction program.

Rella emphasized, “As we advance our CTVs, barges, and other vessel orders, we are supporting the proud tradition of American shipbuilding, which is the backbone of the US economy, right here in Palatka.”

St Johns Ship Building has established a longstanding partnership with Windea, focused on supporting US offshore operations by providing crew and cargo transfer services for installations and ongoing maintenance.

Bradley Neuberth, managing partner of MidOcean Wind and Windea, acknowledged the shipyard's accomplishment, stating, “St Johns Shipyard has done an admirable job delivering two out of our three CTVs ordered from their shipyard.”

Neuberth highlighted the collaborative effort required amidst challenging economic conditions, affirming, “It takes real cooperation and collaboration to successfully complete the construction of a CTV, and Windea, MOW, Hornblower Wind, and St Johns have formed a solid foundation which continues to excel as we progress on our third CTV in Palatka, Florida.”

In recent years, St Johns Ship Building has undergone substantial development, including upgrades to its shipbuilding capabilities and investments in new talent to facilitate efficient concurrent production of multiple vessels.

In 2022, the shipbuilder was acquired by Americraft Marine, a maritime company under the Libra Group, a privately owned business group with operations spanning nearly 60 countries.


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