Van Oord Elevates Heavy Lift Vessel Svanen to New Heights for Offshore Wind Projects

, a player in the energy sector, has achieved a remarkable feat by fitting a colossal A-framed gantry extension, weighing a staggering 1,200 tonnes, atop its heavy lift installation , Svanen.

This operation has propelled the Svanen's total height to an impressive 125 meters, solidifying its position as one of the largest heavy-lift vessels globally, as affirmed by Van Oord.

The intricate task of constructing the extension was undertaken by Holland Shipyard, utilizing one of the world's largest cranes for installation at Mammoet Schiedam. Alongside the gantry extension, the vessel underwent a comprehensive upgrade, including modernization of lifting hooks to boost lifting capacity from 3,000 to 4,500 tonnes. Furthermore, enhancements to the gripper and modifications to the vessel's structure were implemented to accommodate the latest hammer size, as outlined by Van Oord.

The enhanced Svanen is slated for operational readiness in the third quarter of 2024, primed to tackle the evolving demands of projects, particularly in offshore wind.

Marco Hoogendoorn, Commercial Director at Holland Shipyards, expressed pride in the monumental project, emphasizing the precision in engineering and collaboration required to overcome logistical challenges. “Thanks to the extraordinary dedication and collaboration of all teams involved, we have successfully realized this technical milestone,” Hoogendoorn remarked, highlighting the pivotal role in advancing the capabilities of the Svanen and contributing to the future of renewable energy and offshore wind projects.

Maarten Loman, Project Manager for Svanen modification at Van Oord, echoed sentiments of pride, emphasizing the vessel's evolution to meet the demands of offshore wind construction. “Following a significant upgrade in 2017, it is now undergoing further enhancements to continue installing many more foundations for offshore wind farms in the years ahead,” Loman affirmed, underscoring the vessel's enduring contribution to the energy transition.


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