Lhyfe Secures €11 Million Grant for Green Hydrogen Plant in Southern Sweden

Lhyfe has been awarded an €11 million grant to establish a green production facility in Trelleborg, southern Sweden. The , amounting to SEK 125.6 million, is provided through Klimatklivet, an investment program backed by the Swedish .

Trelleborg, known as a pivotal transport hub with Scandinavia's largest roll-on roll-off harbor, handles a significant portion of Sweden's import and export activities annually.

The new plant aims to produce up to four tonnes of per day, leveraging a 10 MW installed electrolysis capacity. This production will cater to the growing demand for hydrogen-powered electric vehicles (EVs) in the region, supporting the development of refueling and advancing Sweden's carbon neutrality goals. Initial hydrogen production is slated to commence by 2027.

Sara Wihlborg, Lhyfe's Sweden country manager, expressed gratitude for the grant, emphasizing its significance in advancing the company's presence in Sweden and validating their expertise in green hydrogen delivery:

“We are very happy to have been awarded this grant, which is the first project we have been granted subsidies for in Sweden and which we see as a clear reward of our efforts and as the recognition of our expertise in the production and delivery of green hydrogen to multiples customers over the last two years.”


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