OMV Petrom to Invest EUR 750 Million in Sustainable Fuels and Green Hydrogen Projects

has announced a substantial EUR 750 million (USD 805 million) investment in advancing sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), renewable diesel (HVO), and green production at its Petrobrazi refinery.

Today, the company finalized its decision to construct a EUR 560 million plant capable of producing 250,000 tonnes per year of SAF and HVO, alongside bio-naphtha and bio-LPG for the chemical industry.

“We are moving forward with our transformation, in addition to our new renewable power projects, today we have taken a decisive step towards decarbonising transport in Romania. In total, by 2030, we're committing EUR 11 billion to transform the company for a lower future, both in Romania and the region,” stated Christina Verchere, CEO of OMV Petrom.

The project includes the establishment of two green hydrogen production facilities, totaling 55 MW capacity, with EUR 190 million allocated, including EUR 50 million from European funds. These facilities are expected to yield approximately 8,000 tonnes of green hydrogen annually, meeting most of the hydrogen demands for the new SAF/HVO plant.

In addition to investments, OMV Petrom has acquired a 50% stake in Respira Verde, a business specializing in used cooking oil collection, ensuring a sustainable source of raw materials for biofuel production.

This initiative underscores OMV Petrom's commitment to sustainability and its strategic shift towards solutions, aimed at reducing carbon emissions in Romania and enhancing regional energy transition efforts.


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