Brazil Surpasses 30 GW Milestone in Distributed Generation, Driven by Solar Power

has achieved a significant milestone in its journey, surpassing 30 gigawatts (GW) of distributed generation (DG) capacity, with cumulative investments in the sector exceeding BRL 100 billion (USD 18.4 billion / EUR 17.1 billion) as of 2023. According to the Brazilian Association for Distributed Generation (ABGD), investments are projected to rise by over 35% in 2024, reaching BRL 140 billion.

Led predominantly by power, DG systems now cater to more than 3.8 million consumer units spread across over 5,500 municipalities in Brazil. This growth underscores the increasing adoption of renewable energy solutions at the local level, contributing to the country's energy diversification and sustainability goals.

“The forecast for 2024 is BRL 140 billion, reflecting an increase of more than 35%,” stated ABGD, highlighting the robust investment outlook in the DG sector.

Sao Paulo emerges as the leader in DG capacity, surpassing 4 GW, followed closely by . Additionally, eight other Brazilian states have exceeded 1 GW in DG capacity, showcasing the widespread adoption of decentralized renewable energy solutions across the nation.

Brazil's achievement in surpassing the 30 GW DG capacity milestone underscores its commitment to expanding renewable energy and reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuels. The continued growth of the DG sector is expected to play a crucial role in Brazil's energy transition strategy, enhancing energy security and promoting sustainable development.


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