Hainan Drinda Announces 10 GW Solar Cell Factory in Oman Amid Green Hydrogen Drive

, a Chinese PV cell manufacturer, has revealed plans to establish a state-of-the-art factory in . The facility aims to produce up to 10 gigawatts (GW) of TOPcon (PV) cells annually, signaling a significant investment of approximately USD 700 million (EUR 653.3m). This initiative is part of Oman's ambitious strategy to position itself as a major player in green production.

The agreement, formalized with the Oman Investment Authority (OIA), outlines the project's scope, which will be rolled out in two phases, each targeting 5 GW of production capacity. This move underscores Hainan Drinda's commitment to supporting Oman's expanding solar energy sector.

Oman plans to integrate five new solar power plants, totaling 3 GW in capacity, into its grid by 2029 to facilitate its green hydrogen production objectives. The nation aims to produce over 1 million tonnes of green hydrogen annually by the end of the decade, with several projects already underway through state-owned company Hydrom.

The establishment of Hainan Drinda's PV cell factory marks a significant milestone in Oman's renewable energy journey and positions the country at the forefront of sustainable energy initiatives. With substantial investments and ambitious targets, Oman is set to enhance its role in the global renewable energy landscape.


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