SENSEWind Unveils Innovative 6MW Wind Turbine Project in Scotland

, a -based company, has completed the construction of a groundbreaking 6MW wind turbine in , utilizing its modular self-installing tower and self-erecting rotor nacelle assembly system.

The turbine, situated at Muirhall Energy's Tormywheel , serves as a demonstration of SENSEWind's innovative self-installation technology. Scheduled for construction in 2027, the project showcases the company's modular tripod tower and self-erecting rotor nacelle assembly system.

The prototype, featuring a scaled-up version of SENSEWind's 2MW turbine installation demonstrator, is poised to transition from development to commercial use. SENSEWind aims to introduce its installation and service system to the onshore wind sector by 2027 and by 2030.

Julian Brown, Chairman of SENSEWind, highlighted the system's safety and efficiency, stating, “Fundamentally, the SENSE system provides the means to install the turbine rotor nacelle, undertake major component repair, and all O&M operations without the need for super-size expensive cranes and crane vessels.”

The project's new tower design, which incorporates an integrated rail system and pipe connectors supplied by GMC, promises notable cost savings and enhanced efficiency. Chris Walker, CEO of Muirhall Energy and SENSEWind board member, expressed pride in supporting SENSEWind's innovative journey, emphasizing the project's potential to revolutionize the wind industry.

Brown further elaborated on the project's broader implications, stating, “By solving the tower logistical and cost challenge, we see the SENSE solution being used on tall-tower onshore wind projects, as well as on fixed-bottom offshore wind projects as a competitive alternative to extra-large monopiles.”


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