Qualitas Energy Acquires Wind Repowering Project in Germany, Plans Expansion

has acquired a wind repowering project with a potential capacity of 36MW in Brandenburg, . The wind park, featuring Enercon turbines, has been operational since 1999.

Qualitas Energy intends to replace the existing turbines with five modern versions as part of the repowering development, which is already in the advanced planning phase.

Borja Caruana, Managing Director of Qualitas Energy Deutschland, expressed the company's commitment to sustainable projects and community engagement, stating, “Our goal is to realize sustainable projects that not only provide clean energy but also gain the trust and support of local people.”

Caruana emphasized the importance of involving communities in the planning process to create a strong foundation for long-term successful projects that offer economic and environmental benefits to the region.

Qualitas Energy Group plans to make significant investments in the German wind energy market to expand its wind development to 6GW in the future.

The company recently closed one of the largest funds globally with its fifth €2.4bn flagship fund, Q-Energy Fund V, indicating its commitment to furthering renewable energy initiatives.


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