Muehlhan Wind Service Acquires Controlling Interest in Endiprev

Danish company (MWS) has recently announced its acquisition of a controlling interest in , a move aimed at establishing a global leader in wind installation and maintenance services.

Endiprev, headquartered in Portugal, specializes in commissioning and MV/HV electrical work, with operations spanning across the UK, the US, and , notably France.

The acquisition will see Endiprev maintaining its brand identity while gradually integrating with MWS in the future. Key executives, including CEO Andre Ribeiro and COO Andre Pereira, will continue to lead the company and retain ownership stakes.

MWS, operating as an independent division within the Group based in Germany, has witnessed significant expansion over the last seven years. Its service portfolio includes installation, pre-assembly, blade repair, scheduled maintenance, and extensive upgrade and repair campaigns.

With primary markets in Northern Europe, the UK, North America, and Australia, MWS has been on an acquisition spree in the past 18 months, adding several companies to its roster, including TRG Wind, ROS, 3WIS, EPIK Energy, Professional Wind Service (PWS), Energy Wind & Renewables (EWR), and now, Endiprev.

CEO Andre Ribeiro expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with MWS, emphasizing the opportunities it presents. He highlighted the immediate focus on maintaining high-quality service for existing customers while leveraging operational synergies to bolster global client support.

Soren Hoffer, CEO of Muehlhan Wind Service, echoed Ribeiro's sentiments, noting that the acquisition aligns seamlessly with their strategic objectives of expanding globally and enhancing service offerings. Hoffer emphasized Endiprev's commitment to safety, quality, and execution, which complements MWS's philosophy, paving the way for a formidable partnership capable of delivering unmatched support to clients worldwide.


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