European Energy Boosts Renewable Energy Production in Germany with 30-MW Wind Farm Acquisition

renewables developer European Energy A/S has successfully acquired a 30-MW located near Berlin. The project's was made possible through a transaction with the utilities company SEF. European Energy now plans to repower the existing facility, marking a substantial expansion in its energy output.

The strategic acquisition involves securing the land rights and essential permits required for the construction and operation of renewable energy , as announced in a statement released today.

The Niemegk wind farm, boasting a configuration of 15 turbines, initially came into existence between 2004 and 2007. Each of the existing turbines possesses a capacity of 2 MW. European Energy's ambitious vision is to replace these aging turbines with more advanced and powerful models, with an eye on achieving a future generation capacity of 64.8 MW.

Upon successful completion of the repowering endeavor, the wind farm's output is anticipated to increase by more than fourfold, providing energy for over 43,000 homes on an annual basis, a substantial improvement from the current capacity, which serves approximately 11,000 households.

This transformative project not only contributes to the expansion of sustainable energy resources but also signifies a significant step towards reducing emissions in the region, making a positive impact on the environment and local communities.


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