NKT Introduces Second Cable Laying Vessel, NKT Eleonora, to Run on Methanol

, a player in laying, has unveiled its second cable laying , NKT Eleonora. The vessel, named after the Italian for “shining light,” is poised to significantly enhance the company's offshore cable laying capacity and operational flexibility.

NKT Eleonora is notable for its design to run on methanol, representing a significant step towards reducing carbon emissions in its operations. According to NKT, this initiative positions NKT Eleonora among the world's first cable laying vessels to adopt such an environmentally friendly propulsion system.

With a cable laying capacity of 23,000 tonnes distributed across three turntables, NKT Eleonora is prepared to handle complex offshore projects with ease. The vessel's construction is progressing well, thanks to a collaboration between Salt Ship Design and the Norwegian shipyard Vard.

Darren Fennell, Executive Vice President and Head of HV Solutions Karlskrona at NKT, expressed satisfaction with the addition of NKT Eleonora to their fleet. “She is an important strategic asset which enhances our installation capacity and capabilities to ensure efficient project execution and meet the evolving demands of our clients,” Fennell remarked.

Fennell also highlighted the vessel's commitment to sustainability, emphasizing NKT's dedication to fostering environmental responsibility through innovative power cable solutions. “The decision to build a vessel designed to run on methanol is driven by our strong commitment to sustainability and connecting a greener world through our power cable solutions,” Fennell stated.

Moreover, NKT's investment extends beyond the vessel itself. The company is concurrently expanding its site in Karlskrona to accommodate a new high-voltage offshore cable factory. These dual assets, set to become operational by 2027.


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