Jan De Nul Group Orders Fifth XL Cable-Laying Vessel for 2026 Delivery

Group has announced the order of a new XL cable-laying , slated for delivery in 2026. This vessel, mirroring the design of the Fleeming Jenkin, has already been secured for its initial projects.

This addition will be the fifth cable-laying vessel in Jan De Nul Group's fleet, furthering its capacity to support the sector. Jan Van de Velde, the company's director of new building, emphasized the company's commitment to sustainable energy solutions. “We are and remain a big believer in the transition to renewable energy,” he said. “With this second XL cable-laying vessel, we continue to reinforce our pioneering role.”

Both vessels incorporate over a decade of the company's cable installation expertise. “The result are vessels that operate very efficiently and have a much smaller footprint,” Van de Velde added.

The new ship, like the Fleeming Jenkin, will measure 215 meters in length and will be capable of transporting up to 28,000 tonnes of cables, making them the largest capacity cable-laying vessels globally, according to Jan De Nul.

Designed by the company's specialists, these vessels can lay cables in both shallow waters and depths reaching 3,000 meters, and they can handle cable tensions up to 150 tonnes.

Equipped with Ultra-Low Emission vessel (ULEv) technology, the ships feature a dual exhaust filter system that includes a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and a selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) for NOx removal. This advanced system filters out up to 99% of nanoparticles, enabling the vessels to meet stringent European Stage V emission standards and the even more rigorous EURO VI limits.

The vessels' hybrid power plants combine generators with a 2.5MWh and drive technology, optimizing engine loading and reducing emissions. They can also operate on biofuel and green methanol, further cutting CO2 emissions.


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