RWE Partners with Swedish Ports for Offshore Wind Projects

and Smålandshamnar, the operator of the Swedish Port of Oskarshamn, have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to explore the potential of the port as a hub for logistics, installation, and maintenance activities related to RWE's planned wind projects in the .

The collaboration aims to assess whether the Port of Oskarshamn could provide the necessary infrastructure for RWE's offshore wind endeavors, including scaling up the port's capacity through required build-outs and investments.

RWE emphasized that early development of port capacity will position favorably to capitalize on the offshore wind industry's potential.

Matilda Machacek, RWE's Vice President of Offshore Development Nordics, expressed enthusiasm about working with both the Port of Oskarshamn and the , stating, “Offshore wind expansion has significant potential in Sweden. Offshore infrastructure projects such as wind farms often require extensive logistical support.”

Niclas Strömqvist, CEO of Smålandshamnar, highlighted the Port of Oskarshamn's existing expertise in handling onshore wind components and expressed pride in RWE's recognition of the port's potential to become an offshore wind hub. Strömqvist emphasized the strategic location of the port in the Baltic Sea and its ability to meet the needs of future offshore wind players.

He further noted the employment and growth opportunities associated with the offshore wind industry, stating, “Experience from other ports shows that the offshore wind industry is an employment accelerator that creates growth in the business community and thus the conditions for jobs and migration to the area.”


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