Government Recommended Approval for Massive Offshore Wind Farm in Swedish Waters

The County Administrative Board of Gotland has recommended to the Swedish Government the granting of a permit for the construction of the Aurora wind farm in the country's exclusive economic zone. Proposed by OX2 and Ingka Investment, the wind farm aims to generate a staggering 5500MW of power.

If approved by the government, the first phase of the project could commence operations by 2030, providing over 6TWh of annually to southern . The entire wind farm is slated for completion by 2035, with a capacity to deliver up to 24TWh of power each year. Located approximately 22 kilometers south of Gotland and over 30 kilometers east of Öland in the Baltic Sea, Aurora is poised to become a significant contributor to Sweden's energy landscape.

Aside from its energy generation potential, the wind farm could also serve strategic purposes, as it sits in an area of importance to the Swedish Armed Forces. Sensors on the turbines could aid in surveillance efforts in the region.

Emelie Zakrisson, the head of offshore wind development at OX2, expressed optimism about the project's role in accelerating Sweden's transition to net zero emissions. She emphasized the potential for large-scale and e-fuel production, crucial for decarbonizing industries like shipping and aviation.

Frederik de Jong, head of renewable investments at Ingka Investments, echoed Zakrisson's sentiments, welcoming the green light from the County Administrative Board and expressing eagerness to collaborate with OX2 to bring Aurora to fruition. He highlighted the possibility of electricity production beginning as early as 2030 with a streamlined permit process.

In addition to its energy objectives, OX2 is committed to enhancing in the area surrounding the wind farm. Efforts include designing the park's fixed structures to serve as artificial reefs, fostering marine life, and exploring large-scale mussel farming to mitigate eutrophication.

Earlier this year, the County Administrative Board granted Aurora a Natura 2000 permit, marking a significant step forward in the project's development.


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