Velux Group Procures Renewable Power from Innovative Agri-Solar Park in Spain

A groundbreaking 54-megawatt park in Spain, seamlessly integrating agriculture and biodiversity, now provides to windows manufacturer Velux Group. Developed by ., this agri-solar park marks the first of its kind in Spain and operates under a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Velux.

Located in Alhendin, near Granada, the solar facility boasts over 85,000 solar panels and includes a unique design feature: approximately 10% of the park facilitates the passage of farming machinery between solar panels, promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

Moreover, the park incorporates various biodiversity initiatives, such as baseline studies, digitalization, and vegetation monitoring. It also includes measures like grass planting with natural seeds, wildlife refuges, ponds for amphibians, bird drinking tanks, and nest boxes, along with a dedicated hatching area to safeguard the endangered Lesser Kestrel bird species.

The project's completion represents a significant milestone in Velux Group's journey toward achieving 100% renewable for its European operations.

Daniel Gafke, Global Director of Projects and Executive Member of the Board at BayWa r.e., expressed enthusiasm for supporting Velux's renewable energy objectives, stating, “We are delighted to support Velux in reaching its goal of 100% renewable electricity for its European operations.”

Gafke emphasized BayWa r.e.'s commitment to advancing the corporate energy transition, aligning with Velux Group to implement pioneering initiatives like while enhancing biodiversity and fostering community engagement for maximum local impact.

In addition to the Alhendin project, Velux Group and BayWa r.e. have collaborated on another solar PV endeavor in Gerena, near Seville. Pending local regulatory approval, the Gerena solar park, expected to be around 60 megawatts, is slated for completion in 2025.


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