Enersense and P2X Solutions Strengthen Partnership for Hydrogen Production Plant in Finland

Finnish developer and have announced a new partnership agreement aimed at enhancing their collaboration in operating and maintaining the recently constructed production plant in Harjavalta, .

Previously, the cooperation between the two companies primarily focused on Enersense's involvement in project implementation. Now, the partnership is expanding to encompass the operation and maintenance aspects of the plant as well.

According to Enersense, this expanded partnership will contribute to more efficient and sustainable energy production at the Harjavalta facility.

Herkko Plit, CEO of P2X Solutions, expressed satisfaction with the progress of the Harjavalta plant's construction, highlighting over 700 consecutive days without lost-time accidents on the site. Plit emphasized the importance of ensuring safe and reliable commissioning and operation of the plant through collaboration with Enersense.

Mikko Luoma, Vice President of Smart Services and Industry at Enersense, underscored the company's commitment to providing sustainable solutions for the energy transition, with hydrogen playing an increasingly vital role. Luoma stated, “The new partnership agreement supports our strategy of providing our customers with sustainable solutions for the energy transition. Hydrogen is becoming increasingly important, and we are committed to promoting its use.”


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