Valorem Energies Finland Signs Agreement for 60MW Solar Power Plant in Finland

Valorem Energies has finalized a significant deal with Kärkölä municipality to establish a 60MW power plant in the southern region of Finland.

The project aims to utilize an area spanning 80-95 hectares, encompassing the site of a former wastewater treatment facility and its surrounding vicinity.

Kärkölä municipality retains ownership of 29 hectares within the designated project zone, with the remaining land slated for development on privately-owned plots.

The envisaged annual output of the solar park surpasses 40GWh, equivalent to powering approximately 2000 electrically-heated private residences annually.

Current negotiations with private landowners are progressing well, with expectations set for the project area to be finalized in 2024, along with the potential requirement for an (EIA) to be secured from the Ely Centre.

Following this, comprehensive ground investigations and nature surveys will be conducted in 2025 to facilitate the commencement of planning and permitting procedures.

Valorem Energies Finland plans to host an informative event for local residents towards the latter part of 2024, aiming to engage and address any queries or concerns from the community.

Minna Jukola, Valorem's country manager for Finland, expressed enthusiasm for the project, stating, “This is an important project for us as a producer in Finland, and we are happy to be in Kärkölä to develop solar power. Our goal is to soon also become a solar power producer, and the project is located in southern Finland, close to the consumption and where solar radiation values are good.”


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